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NEWS: MVB set to host 4th Annual High School Boys' Volleyball Showcase

NEWS: MVB set to host 4th Annual High School Boys' Volleyball Showcase

The Niagara Knights men's volleyball program will host the fourth Annual Niagara Region Boys' Volleyball Showcase at the Welland Campus Athletic Centre on Thursday, December 14.

The event will see 39 student-athletes, representing 18 local high schools, showcase the talent level that exists in the Niagara region's boys' volleyball ranks ranging from Grimsby to Niagara Falls to Fort Erie. First serve for the event is set for 6 p.m.

"This annual event is something that the entire Regional volleyball community really looks forward to" said Knights men's volleyball coach Nathan Groenveld. "It's important that volleyball gets an opportunity each year to shine in the spotlight, and our Knights program is proud to help facilitate that.

The event sees all of the local Niagara schools invited to nominate players to compete in the event. If multiple players from one school end up participating they are placed on opposing teams to add an additional level of friendly competition. The event will see members of the Knights men's volleyball program serve as coaches of team white and team blue, and participating players are distributed randomly to each team.

The event serves as one quarter of the Niagara College Knights' showcase series started in June 2014. The Niagara Knights' soccer programs, led by Welland native Frank DeChellis and Rob Lalama, have hosted four successful showcases of their own, while the Knights basketball showcase events made their debut in December of 2016. The Niagara Knights women's volleyball program has hosted the girls' volleyball showcase every March since 2015.

The match will be broadcast live at goknights.ca/watchlive by the Niagara College Broadcasting, Radio, Television, and Film program. The broadcast will feature BRTF students providing play-by-play, colour commentary, and in-game interviews with participants.

For more information please contact Nathan Groenveld, head coach Niagara College men's volleyball at ngroenveld@niagaracollege.ca.

Below are the team rosters for the 2017 Niagara Region Boys' Volleyball Showcase:

Stephan Legagneur 5 OH ESC Jean-Vanier BLUE
Kole Popat 3 Centennial SS BLUE
Connor Vanderkuip 20 OH Smithville Christian BLUE
Matthew Ferron 1 MB/OH Holy Cross  BLUE
Mathew Collison 9 OH St Michael BLUE
Alex Page 12 OH St Paul BLUE
Bailey Stewart 18 S Thorold Secondary BLUE
Michael Levasseur 2 S Stamford BLUE
Jesse Raso 3 MB Notre Dame BLUE
Alexander Mrkalji 8 OH Sir Winston Churchill BLUE
Joel Coopman 12 MB Greater Fort Erie BLUE
Micah Niewets   OH Eden BLUE
Patrick Alvarez 1 S Blessed Trinity BLUE
Matt Calverly 10 S EL Crossley BLUE
Vangel Matic 13 MB AN Meyer BLUE
Dallas Melnick     AN Meyer BLUE
Andrew Sindall 8 L/OH Beamsville BLUE
Dayton Follick 23 S St Francis BLUE
Thomas Rigas-DiDomenico 12 OH AN Meyer WHITE
Jacob Fontaine 17 S ESC Jean-Vanier WHITE
Anthony Perna 14 MB Centennial SS WHITE
Jordan VanHerwynen 0 L Smithville Christian WHITE
Adam Topolinsky 18 OPP Holy Cross  WHITE
Dan Kessler 1 OH St Michael WHITE
Matthew MacLean 2 S St Paul WHITE
Braydon Harrietha 11 MB/OH Thorold Secondary WHITE
Ethan Wilding 11 S Stamford WHITE
Will Spencer 10 MB Sir Winston Churchill WHITE
Ethan VanNatter 6 OH Greater Fort Erie WHITE
Josiah Esau 2 S Eden WHITE
Dylan DiFabio 23 MB Blessed Trinity WHITE
Justin Levere 5 L/S Blessed Trinity WHITE
Forest Turpel 12 OH EL Crossley WHITE
Omesh Jayaweera   L AN Meyer WHITE
Tanner Vail 71 MB/OH Beamsville WHITE
Alex D'Elia 14 OH St Francis WHITE